Wine and Port

1942 Wine and Port

large selection of 1942 wine and 1942 Vintage port for sale. Single bottles and gift boxes. Large range of vintage 1942 wine and 1942 vintage port including 1942 Barol

1942 Wine Vintage Report

1942 Bordeaux :

The 1942 wine vintage produced good quality wines during a difficult harvest under war-time conditions. France was exceedingly fortunate in the matter of weather during the war. Never, certainly, in the last half century have the French vineyard districts known a comparable succession of dry summers or a higher average of good or creditable vintage years.

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1942 Feuerheerd Vintage Port

Feuerheerd’s was founded in 1815 by the German trader Dietrich Matthias Feuerheerd who established his business in Oporto. In 1926 the company was sold to the Barros family and in 2007 to Quinta D.
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